2012 – a month to go…

Margaret am Cabo de Gata
Cabo de Gata – April 2012








Finally after 25 years in film festivals, I had one year “off the circuit”.
… apart from German Films in Munich asking me to advise on which German films
might be interesting for the Spanish market and the German Film Week in Madrid.
This gave me the chance to see 35 new German films and I loved them!

Otherwise I was in contact with many film makers from all over the world in need of support of where and how to go on in this “mundo vicioso de las peliculas”.

I crowdfunded for the first time for the Maori Boy Genius! A wonderful documentary.

The whereabouts in the film industry I know less and less every day, but coaching on content is something I developed great skills in, not only since Transform and Verena Weese inspired me enormously in Seville 2011.


Cortijo del Pescado Pool
Dream Relax & Reconnect

So where did all my time go? I will not tell you, since I do not know myself.
It felt right. What’s more important? Everybody who came to visit the Cortijo del Pescado was happy and this felt so good,
that I decided that my latest transit in life has been successfully completed.

Cortijo del Pescado has become the centre of my new life.


Logo casa-contenta.es
 Logo created with Paper App

With that in mind I am developing a small business which you will soon hear more about: casacontenta.es offers services to foreign property owners (or owners to be) in this province of Almeria/Spain.
Marisa del Pino who is also fluent in 4 languages will be my co-creator.
Website in progress…

This will make me doing again what I can do best:
communicating and caring.
Plus, you might ask me if I am still writing?
Yes, I do.

And I am keeping up with the subject of Letters to the Island. And I can tell you that the historical background of Tahiti in the second half of the 19th century is a Saga of trade and wealth and a sad loss of Polynesian culture!

I went to the European Pacific Island Festival in Berlin Heiligensee, also as their MC as in the previous festival 2011, and spent an intensive weekend of lovely encounters with amazing people from the islands of the Pacific.

Party at Pacific Island Festival 2012

Thanks to Dr. Gerd Becker I was invited to join a Symposium at the University of Mainz, where several anthropologists discussed the subject of reinventing lost culture in various parts of the world, especially Oceania, where indigenous people revive their ancestors in different ways.

Michael Koch Mainz 2012


The Berlin Film Festival 2013 infact is dedicating a program to the Indigenous Cinema!
Thank you Maryanne Redpath for this initiative!



And before I forget I rediscovered London after 30 years! It was lovely on the Island!


So, this is almost it for 2012!

I would like to thank all my guests and friends & family for being such great inspiration!

Have a wonderful festive season!



Almeria / Dicember, 2012



2011 to come…

Thank you all for your support in my new responsibilities with the “Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo” this past autumn as well as for the very positive response to the Meeting of Women in European Film and TV in Santiago de Compostela with CIMA in May 2010. It was great being back in all the different fields of festival work, even though my focus shifted more towards the makers much rather than films itself, which are the result of so many brilliant people in this Industry.

Back home this website went online and inspired me to go visible with my personal project “Letters to the Island“. I invite you to my soon to be active blog: letterstotheisland.net to learn about the roots of the Polynesian people and the South Pacific Islanders in the 19th century: the story of a young girl born on Tahiti in December 1856…

The Rose on Tahiti

My best wishes and I hope that your dreams will go visible as well in 2011!