ENTER 2012

2011 was kind of My Year to serve the women in the film industry!

The year ended with the fulfilling task of programming the films for Mujeres en Direccion, a young festival in Cuenca, Spain, focussing on the work of women directing film and videoart. Cuenca came as a great surprise to me with lovely museums and a passionate film audience and the wonderfull team around the directór of the festival Marta Belaustegui.

The Sevilla European Film Festival  and its artistic director Javier Martin Dominguez let me coordinate their Industry Forum again and I was happy to welcome some great women experts on the panels!
We also organised the II Conference Women in the European Film Industry in collaboration with CIMA (Association of Women in Cinema and the Audiovisual Media in Spain) during the Sevila Film Festival.

In October I proudly presented the second PORYES Feministic Porn Film Award in Berlin and enjoyed a lot of humor and knowledge of the sexuality of women acompanied with their films.
“PorYes“ is the label for films made in accordance with certain feminist criteria, showing the diversity of sexual expressions.

2011 was a year with lots of work and not always easy for any of us and therefore I can only offer my guesthouse in Almeria/ Spain again for all of those who need to Dream, Relax & Reconnect  every so often!

See you in 2012!



2011 to come…

Thank you all for your support in my new responsibilities with the “Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo” this past autumn as well as for the very positive response to the Meeting of Women in European Film and TV in Santiago de Compostela with CIMA in May 2010. It was great being back in all the different fields of festival work, even though my focus shifted more towards the makers much rather than films itself, which are the result of so many brilliant people in this Industry.

Back home this website went online and inspired me to go visible with my personal project “Letters to the Island“. I invite you to my soon to be active blog: letterstotheisland.net to learn about the roots of the Polynesian people and the South Pacific Islanders in the 19th century: the story of a young girl born on Tahiti in December 1856…

The Rose on Tahiti

My best wishes and I hope that your dreams will go visible as well in 2011!

Marian Evans blogs about CIMA, Spain

May 5-7, 2010 we were celebrating the Second International Meeting of CIMA in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The Association of Women in Film and Audiovisual Media invited almost 100 women from Spain and 15 European countries to discuss the future of women in the industry. Marian Evans, as well es other blogs like Sydney Levine‘s picked on the subject.

Wellywood Woman: Women-loving women IV: Sydney Levine, Margaret von Schiller, Ines Paris, The Female Factor & The Compostela Declaration (an intermission)

The Compostela Declaration

We, the professional women of the audiovisual sector of the European Union, assembled in Santiago de Compostela, after three days of intensive debate, reflection and exchange, come to the following conclusions:

The very low percentage of women in key-jobs of the European audiovisual sector is unfair because it leaves an important part of the European population voiceless. It wastes talent, energy and experience both behind and in front of the camera, and it seriously affects the audiovisual media content which generates our image of the world. Continue reading “The Compostela Declaration”

International Meeting of Women in Audiovisual Europe

During the last three months CIMA (Association of Women in Film and Audiovisual Media, Madrid) appointed me to co-ordinate the International relations of their association with European Film Institutes and Women working in the Film&TV Industry for their Second Meeting of Women in Audiovisual Europe, which took place May 5-7, 201o in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

We experienced a unique meeting of Women in Film & TV with several panels and interesting debates about Women in Audiovisual Europe. The list of contributing women was endless. Thank you all! We are strong and we can ride with the power. Lets Go!

International Meeting of Women in Audiovisual Europe