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A blog to surf and serve the history of the Pacific islanders

Due to my family-related passion for the Polynesian people I am writing a story about the childhood of Margaret Brander, who was born on December 31, 1856 on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia.

The blog hopefully will motivate the Islanders as well as friends and experts to contribute to this story, recalling this time and age of the second half of the 19th century in the South Pacific via letterstotheisland.net

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  1. hi , from Newcastle , New South Wales. I’m a relation of John Brander who was probably Margaret’s father ?! I was after information about the family / family contacts in Tahiti. My father as a boy in Australia was told by his father ( my grandfather ) who was born in the 1870’s that his uncle / great uncle had married a Tahitian Princess. At which he & his brothers laughed . But did in the 1980’s visit some of his relations in Tahiti with my mum. John Brander’s wife’s name was Princess Titaua Marama of Tahiti, Chiefess of Haapiti . Kind regards, ian brander.

  2. My name is Ian Brander, from Newcastle , New South Wales , Australia. and my email address is as follows :——-ian777@kooee.com.au

  3. How interesting is that. I never knew what John Branders brothers were doing.
    I have all about John Brander since he landed in Tahiti and I was at his tomb in Tahiti, which is looked after by our family. I will send you a photograph. Lets follow this up!
    Funny enough I spend all my life being laughed at for the tahitian princess…
    Who did you visit in the 1980? John Branders house was still in Mahina… its now torn down.

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